Your generous gifts have kept ECKANKAR in Washington growing and thriving for over 30 years. Your gift today will help continue to bring the ECK teachings to spiritual seekers throughout Washington for many more years to come, and to establish ECKANKAR here on earth. Thank you all for your support!

A person who lives in the holiness of the moment is always looking for the potential of whatever that moment may bring. Always.

—Harold Klemp,
Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4, p. 82

Mission Fund 

These funds are used to support Vahana projects throughout the state of Washington, as well as our WA ECK Regional Seminar, WA ECK Retreat at Seabeck, statewide newsletter (On the Horizon), and all administrative needs of the Washington Satsang Society.

Building Fund

Building a Home for ECK in Washington

There are no limitations except for the limitations you have made for yourself.

—Harold Klemp, What is Spiritual Freedom?, p. 60

Supporting Our Washington ECK Centers

All donations to local areas go to the WSS Mission Fund. Donations to benefit a local area are normally used in that area, but the Board of Trustees reserves the right to reallocate as needed to fulfill the mission of ECK in Washington. Thank you so much for all the love and support you give!

This is a unique and special time in the history of ECKANKAR, and we are so appreciative of your generous gifts to help keep the Washington Satsang Society strong, vibrant, and growing. As we continue to reach people in our state with the golden message of ECK, we help clear the pathway for Soul to move forward on Its own journey home to God. It is the path of spiritual freedom.
Thank you!
for supporting ECKANKAR in Washington
ECKANKAR in Washington State