Special Events

Eckankar in Washington regularly hosts special events for the public and for members of the ECK community.

These events include our annual Washington ECK Retreat, Day of ECK events, talks by guest speakers, creative arts events, potluck gatherings, and the four ECK Celebrations of Life, which include the ECK Wedding Ceremony, ECK Consecration Ceremony, ECK Rite of Passage (for ECK youth), and ECK Memorial Service.

A person who lives in the holiness of the moment is always looking for the potential of whatever that moment may bring. Always.

As Soul, you owe yourself the experience of going out in life and getting the richest, fullest experiences you can.

—Harold Klemp, Touching the Face of God, p. 12

Upcoming Special Events

Aside from regular ECK events and activities that happen in Washington,  there are many other special ECK events that occur. These events are always a wonderful time for the community to come together in spiritual love and fellowship.

Currently, there are no Special Events scheduled. Visit the Events Calendar to see all available activities.
ECKANKAR in Washington State