Spiritual Living Courses

ECKANKAR offers a unique Advanced Spiritual Study program that comes with membership. In your first year, you’ll receive The Easy Way Discourses, a powerful twelve-month study plan that unlocks the wisdom inside you. Each month you’ll explore a lesson from the Living ECK Master. As you continue your studies, you’ll receive a new discourse series each year.

You’ll explore topics such as:

  • Karma or Sin?
  • The Logic of Reincarnation
  • Set Your Sights on God
  • What is Spiritual Living?
  • Access to the Inner Worlds

You’re Welcome to Visit a Class

In an ECK Satsang Class you’ll meet other like-hearted people, each with their own experiences and questions about how God and Divine Spirit are working in each of our lives.

If you would like to visit a class to experience what Satsang is like, please contact the nearest Local Director in your area.

When you’re ready for something more durable than philosophy, metaphysics, or orthodox religion, then you’re ready for the knowledge that grants love, wisdom, and spiritual freedom. These three qualities are available through the teachings of ECK.

—Harold Klemp, The Call of Soul, p. 102

ECKANKAR Membership—Advanced Spiritual Study as the Next Step on Your Road Home to God

Experience the miracle of spiritual growth. Reach your highest spiritual potential. See the bigger picture of life. Explore the many facets of divine truth. For more information on Eckankar membership visit the membership section of the ECKANKAR website.

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